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ISO-Tanks and Swap Tanks

ubhi tank comparison chart

iso beam tank container
Universal Beam Tank

Capacities: 12,000 to 27,500 litres
Gross weights up to 36,000 kg
Special frame variants:
Wide Body, Cell Friendly, V-Beam, 30ft beam (see list on right)
Ultra-low tare weight: e.g. 3150 kg
Low Maintenance Costs
Over 15,000 in service world-wide
Designed and built to suit customer requirements

frame tank container
Universal Frame Tank

Capacities: 11,000 to 27,500 litres
Gross weights up to 36,000 kg
Optional frame items such as:
crash-rails, saddles, fork-lift pockets, side-lift
World’s lowest tare weight Full-Frame Tank Container IMO 1 (3400 kg)
Low Maintenance Costs, Impact crumple zones
Designed and built to suit customer requirements

universal collar tank
Universal Collar Tank

Capacities: 17,500 to 26,000 litres
Gross weights up to 36,000 kg
Options include:
trace electric heating, baffles, multi-compartment vessel etc.
Designed and built to suit customer requirements

ten foot tank container
Universal Ten Tank

Capacities: 5,000 litres to 10,000 litres
Optional frame items:
Crash rails, 20' adaptor frame 20' transportation couplings (2 tanks can be joined for shipment as one 20ft unit), fork-lift pockets
Designed and Built to customer requirements

v-beam tank container

variant on beam tank container
V-Beam Tanks

Variant of Beam tank - permits mounting of special equipment at either end of tank. e.g. reefer unit, metering/dosing equipment

heated tank containers
Heated Tanks

All frame types available with specialised heating systems to match product requirements:
available as liquid (glycol, water or oil), steam or electric blanket systems (including options for thermostatic control and datalogging of cargo temperature).

refrigerated tank container

reefer tank
Reefer Tanks

Capacities up to 21000 litres (end-mounted reefer)
23000 litres (side-mounted reefer)

multi-compartment tank

tank with compartments
Multi-compartment Tanks

Twin-pot, triple and four compartment versions of all tanks including swap-tanks and 30ft beam tanks can be supplied allowing multiple cargoes to be transported/distributed simultaneously, e.g. CYMK printing inks.

large tank container

30 ft tank containers
30ft Tanks

Capacities up to 40000 litres
Single or multi-compartment tanks
Optional anti-surge baffles
Heating or cooling systems

swap tanks
Swap Tanks

Capacities up to 35,000 litres
Single or multi-compartment tanks
Frame lengths: 7.15m, 7.45m and 7.82m
Ultra-Low Tare Weight
Optional frame items:
crash-rails, grapple-lift, offset corner castings side-lift

cell-friendly tanks

tankcontainer protection - sidebars
Cell-Friendly Beam Tank

Capacity up to 26000 litres
Additional insulation of tank sides
Additional side protection
Suitable world wide as hold cargo in container ships

wide body tank

wide body beam tank container
Wide Body Beam Tank

Capacity up to 27500 in 20 ft frame with no loss of insulation on sides of tank
Suitable for Europe-wide road and rail transport
iso frame tank container

UBH International was a pioneer of the ISO tank container for the transport of bulk liquids.

This type of tank developed as part of the general move towards containerisation during the seventies and eighties. The company remains at the forefront of innovation in this type of product and can offer an extensive range of capacities and frame types:

UBH can also supply a wide variety of specialist frame variants and options:

Vessel Materials: stainless steel or carbon steel (other specialist materials e.g. titanium or hastelloy available on request)

Multi-compartment and baffled tank configurations

Various internal finishes, up to 800 grit, electro-polished

Vessel linings in PTFE, PFA, rubber, plastic, resin etc.

Specialised heating and cooling systems to match product requirements, available as liquid (glycol, water or oil), steam or electric blanket systems

Rockwool, polyurethane or tanklite insulation

Coloured GRP, pre-painted aluminium or stainless steel cladding

Other capacities and options available on request


UBH does not simply test its tank designs to meet the bare requirements of ISO. We go well beyond the basic code requirements in order to ensure our tanks are stronger, safer and capable of surpassing the most demanding of expectations.

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