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Gas Tanks from UBH International

propane tank container

17500 litre Propane tank -

18 bar working pressure with corner lifting lugs for offshore use

lpg tankcontainer

24000 litre LPG Tankcontainer with operating valves mounted in side cabinet

lpg tank container

iso gas container
25000 litre 23 bar LPG tank with offset manway to allow maximised capacity within ISO frame

liquefied gas tank container

Gas Tanks

As well as ISO-Tanks for bulk liquids, UBH International has for many years supplied custom-built tanks for the transport of liquefied gases such as propane and butane (LPG), R22 refrigerant gases etc..

These are available in a range of capacities and pressures and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual customers.

  • 10 and 20 ft and frame types
  • Capacity range 7500 litres to 25000 litres
  • Higher Capacities available on request
  • Swap tank frame and 30ft beam-type frame available on request
lpg butane tank containers

Examples of the wide variety of liquefied gas tanks built by UBH International are:–

Tanks can be built in conformity with a range of approvals as required (ASME U Stamp, DNV 2.7-1 EN12079 and Norsok Z-015).

UBH International specialises in providing transport solutions to difficult logistical problems – please consult us for a rapid, practical answer to your gas transportation challenges

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