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Cryogenic Tank Containers and Road Tankers from UBH International

  Cryogenic Road Tanker for LiN LOx LAr - typical capacity 7000 gallons (see bottom of page).

10’ ISO Universal Full Frame Tank

Typical Capacity: 8000 litres/2000 US Gallons
Approval to DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079
2 tanks can be joined for shipment as one 20ft unit

20’/ 30’ ISO Universal Beam Tank

Typical capacity 21,000 litres/5500 US Gallons
Valves located in robust side-mounted cabinet
Suitable for road rail or sea-transport
Range of pressures possible to suit customer requirements

Offshore Nitrogen Skid Tank

Typical capacities up to 11000 litres/3000 US Gallons
Fitted with pad-eyes and slings for top-lift
Fork pockets
Range of pressures possible to suit customer requirements
Tanks approved to DNV 2.7-1/EN12079
cryogenic tank container

As one of the world's leading builders of transportable cryogenic vessels, UBH International can supply a comprehensive range of road tankers and tank containers

Intermodal Tanks and Oilfield Skid Tanks

Tank containers are available in a variety of frame designs:

Capacities: Up to 8,000 Litres for 10’ ISO
Up to 21,000 Litres for 20’ ISO
Up to 32,000 Litres for 30’ ISO
Other frame type and capacities available upon request
Products: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon (LiN, LOx, LAr) , Carbon Dioxide, cryogenic ethylene and other Cryogenic Gases. Pressures: Typically up to 22 bar (higher possible dependent on specification).
Materials: Inner Vessel – 304/304LN Stainless steel.
Outer Vessel – 304 Stainless steel.
Other Materials available upon request.
Approvals: UN Portable T75 (IMDG and ADR). UN Portable T75 (CFR) AD Merkblatt, PD5500, ASME ‘U’ Stamp where required. UIC, CSC and TIR. CFR 49, TC B620 DNV 2.7-1 for offshore vessels.

cryogenic road tankerCryogenic Road Barrels and fixed chassis tanks

Even before entering the tank container industry, UBH had long been recognised as one of the UK’s most prolific manufacturers of road tankers, with a tradition stretching back to the fifties. As well as intermodal tanks and oilfield skid tanks, UBH International can supply:

  • custom built cryogenic tank trailers and
  • cryogenic vessels ready for mounting on fixed chassis vehicles.

The vessel designs for such equipment are manufactured to the same exacting standards as the intermodal tanks described above and can be tailored to the precise requirement of the customer

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